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What do we mean when we talk about freedom?

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Freedom’s what you get when you exercise your agency

Freedom is perhaps our greatest aspiration and one of our greatest motivations.  People talk of being trapped in unsatisfying relationships; paralysed by negative thoughts; stuck on the deadly-dull treadmill of everyday life; oppressed by prejudice against their gender, age, ethnicity, sexuality, disability (or any number of things that make them ‘different’ from the ‘norm’); and, perhaps at worst, deprived of liberty when living under a dictatorship or tyranny.  In these kinds of situations, you’ll most likely be longing for some kind of freedom – not more of the same.  But the idea of freedom is one of those knotty ideas that, at first sight, seems completely obvious and simple but begins to blur around the edges when you take a closer look at it. Continue reading “What do we mean when we talk about freedom?”