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How do our differences drive conflict between us?

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Two worlds under one roof

Have you ever found yourself in an argument about how to wash and dry dishes or whether to roll-up or simply squeeze the toothpaste tube?  The kind of things that aren’t really important yet spark conflict nevertheless?  I know, I know – these aren’t Earth-shattering issues.  But they highlight something important:  many relationship difficulties can be traced to the different beliefs, values, behavioural strategies, and attitudes that each person brings to the encounter.  Although our differences are what define us and our relationships, they can also generate misunderstanding, mis-communication and conflict – particularly when they’re unspoken and thus hidden, invisible or unknown.  In this article, we’ll see how our personal beliefs, values and behaviours are influenced by the families we’re born into, before exploring some of the pivotal areas where relationship difficulties may arise⁠1 . Continue reading “How do our differences drive conflict between us?”

Do we need more love in the world?

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This one’s about the seven kinds of love!


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