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A special welcome just for you!

If you’re new to theQUEST!ON, the first thing we want to say is welcome!  Thanks for stopping by!

To help you get your feet under the table and take a load off before you dive in, we’ve curated a few  articles and episodes to get you started!

Human Growth and Development

If knowledge is power, there’s nothing more powerful than knowing how I became me and how you became you.

What can human growth and development tells us about how I became me and you became you?
An article on being human.


There are all sorts of ways to think about wellbeing – and some are better than others.

Positivity’s over-rated and happiness is just too thin. It’s time to rethink wellbeing.
An article critiquing our obsession with positivity.


Is there something amiss with the pursuit of happiness?
A podcast episode on the pursuit of happiness.


Love comes in many shapes and sizes, but it’s grown quite narrow and mean in recent times.  Is it time to question what we mean by love?

Do we need more love in the world?
An article exploring what the ancients had to say about their seven kinds of love.


Is there more to love than falling head over heels?
A podcast episode on existential love.

Living the good life

It’s terribly unfashionable, but the idea of living a good life has persisted across time and cultures.  Maybe it’s time again to choose to live the good life.

What does virtue ethics tell us about wellbeing?
An article on what virtue ethics can tell us about wellbeing.