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Your love keeps the show on the road!

We hope you love the show and enjoy reading the articles we write and curate as much as we do.  And of course I’m writing ‘we’ when in fact it’s just me – a guy in a room with a head full of ideas and boundless curiosity.  I love doing this, it’s less a labour of love than an absolute joy.  And I hate to put a dollar sign on the work, because money’s not my key motivation here.  But that said….

Living in a world where money really matters

An awful lot of work goes into researching, interviewing, writing, and producing every show and article that ends up here.  And that’s not to mention the back-office stuff that eats time like rust eats iron.  As the man said, rust never sleeps… and neither does the admin.

I’m a hopeless utopian at heart, but we also live in a world where money really matters.  It’s what keeps a roof over my head, food on the table, the shadows from the corners, and the wolves from the door.  No joke.  And that’s why you matter.

We support the things we love

We support the things we love because we want them to survive or even thrive.  So can I count on your support?  I know this will be a big ask for some of you, although not such a big ask for others.  So let’s keep it simple.

Become a Patron and join the Curious Explorers Club

If you’re able to support what I’m doing with a regular payment through Patreon, I’d be eternally grateful – and able to carry on doing what we both love.  Producing theQUEST!ON.  As a patron, you get automatic membership of the Curious Explorers Club – and that means you get priority access to content, members-only exclusives, gifted and discounted merch, and a place of honour at online hang-outs.  As well as my eternal gratitude (I think I said that already).

Become a Patron!

Buy us a coffee instead?

If you’re not able to help with a regular payment, no worries!  I wonder if you can help with a one-off gift instead?  I’ll appreciate your show of appreciation, and you’ll know you’ve made a difference to this guy’s life!


One again, if you’re able to chip in and help keep us – well, me – moving forward with this, then I’ll be truly grateful!  And if now’s not the time, or you’re just not that bothered, that’s fine too.